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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Improve Gmail’s Block Feature

Suggestion to Google: Improve Gmail’s Block Feature

As we are Google Partner, we would like to provide free suggestion(s) to Google. The problem that I face today, I put a request to Google next day/week. If they accept to implement, all their users will get the benefit from it, for sure. As I always provide suggestion based on my real experiences, Google can take my suggestion! Of course, they are free to reject. It’s their wish!

Can you remember, I shared a fun fact in How to Track Call Only Ads Conversions article? It seems, Google noticed it and made the change!

Here is the screenshot (before):


Here is the screenshot (after):


In How to Track Call Only Ads Conversions article, I also asked Google to change a problematic statement which may create confusion to many people. It seems they didn’t make the change yet. You can still find:
Calls from your ads will appear under the “Clicks” column in your reporting table for each call-only campaign.
under “Look at the performance of your call-only campaigns” section.

call-only-campaigns-wrong-statementHopefully, Google will make this change very soon!
This guy sent me several emails through my website’s contact us page. Every time he used email addresses like this:
I can ban his IP address and include that IP in my “ban IP” list, but I believe he is using proxy to send spam emails! Moreover, he is using fake and different email addresses each occasion and it seems to me it’s not very easy to stop this guy.

How is Gmail Involved?

When someone fills in “contact us” form, I will get that message in my Gmail. Moreover, I have made a filter in my Gmail. This filter will make sure that if I get any email message from my website’s “Contact Us” form, it will not send that to SPAM folder nor it will delete anything automatically.
As a result, I am getting these spam emails in my Gmail frequently and I am desperately trying to block and delete these email addresses from Gmail.

Why Can’t I Block these Email Addresses?

I tried to block spammer’s email address but I couldn’t!

When I tried to block his email address, I got following notification!

As I told before, I get all the leads email generated from my website directly into my Gmail, I can’t block his email address as the sender in this case is me – info(@)seo-service-provider.org!

Suggestion to Google/Gmail’s Support Team

Can you implement something so that we can edit email addresses as we like and block it ultimately? I checked Yahoo and Yandex as well. None of these email service providers have this “edit” feature.

Do You Know a Quick Solution

Dear readers, subscribers, and visitors, if you know any solution that will help me to block that spammer email address with just one or few clicks, please let me know via comments.

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


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