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Friday, 30 December 2016

How RankBrain Changes Entity Search

Columnist Kristine Schachinger provides a handy primer on entity search, explaining how it works and how Google is using its RankBrain machine learning system to make it better.

rankbrain-mind-knowledge-schachinger -Panchasara Sunil
Earlier this week, news broke about Google’s RankBrain, a machine learning system that, along with other algorithm factors, helps to determine what the best results will be for a specific query set.
Specifically, RankBrain appears to be related to query processing and refinement, using pattern recognition to take complex and/or ambiguous search queries and connect them to specific topics.
This allows Google to serve better search results to users, especially in the case of the hundreds of millions of search queries per day that the search engine has never seen before.
Not to be taken lightly, Google has said that RankBrain is among the most important of the hundreds of ranking signals the algorithm takes into account.
RankBrain is one of the “hundreds” of signals that go into an algorithm that determines what results appear on a Google search page and where they are ranked, Corrado said. In the few months it has been deployed, RankBrain has become the third-most important signal contributing to the result of a search query, he said.
(Note: RankBrain is more likely a “query processor” than a true “ranking factor.” It is currently unclear how exactly RankBrain functions as a ranking signal, since those are typically tied to content in some way.)
This is not the only major change to search in recent memory, however. In the past few years, Google has made quite a few important changes to how search works, from algorithm updates to search results page layout. Google has grown and changed into a much different animal than it waspre-Penguin and pre-Panda.
These changes don’t stop at search, either. The company has changed how it is structured. With the new and separate “Alphabet” umbrella, Google is no longer one organism, or even the main one.
Even communication from Google to SEOs and Webmasters has largely gone the way of the dodo. Matt Cutts is no longer the “Google go-to,” and reliable information has become difficult to obtain. So many changes in such a short time. It seems that Google is pushing forward.
Yet, RankBrain is much different from previous changes. RankBrain is an effort to refine the query results of Google’s Knowledge Graph-based entity search. While entity search is not new, the addition of a fully rolled-out machine learning algorithm to these results is only about three months old.
So what is entity search? How does this work with RankBrain? Where is Google going?
To understand the context, we need to go back a few years.


The launch of the Hummingbird algorithm was a radical change. It was the overhaul of the entire way Google processed organic queries. Overnight, search went from finding “strings” (i.e., strings of letters in a search query) to finding “things” (i.e., entities).
Where did Hummingbird come from? The new Hummingbird algorithm was born out of Google’s efforts to incorporate semantic search into its search engine.
This was supposed to be Google’s foray into not only machine learning, but the understanding and processing of natural language (or NLP). No more need for those pesky keywords — Google would just understand what you meant by what you typed in the search box.
Semantic search seeks to improve search accuracy by understanding searcher intent and the contextual meaning of terms as they appear in the searchable dataspace, whether on the Web or within a closed system, to generate more relevant results. Semantic search systems consider various points including context of search, location, intent, variation of words, synonyms, generalized and specialized queries, concept matching and natural language queries to provide relevant search results. Major web search engines like Google and Bing incorporate some elements of semantic search.
Yet we’re two years on, and anyone who uses Google knows the dream of semantic search has not been realized. It’s not that Google meets none of the criteria, but Google falls far short of the full definition.
For instance, it does use databases to define and associate entities. However, a semantic engine would understand how context affects words and then be able to assess and interpret meaning.
Google does not have this understanding. In fact, according to some, Google is simply navigational search — and navigational search is not considered by definition to be semantic in nature.
So while Google can understand known entities and relationships via data definitions, distance and machine learning, it cannot yet understand natural (human) language. It also cannot easily interpret attribute association without additional clarification when those relationships in Google’s repository are weakly correlated or nonexistent. This clarification is often a result of additional user input.
Of course, Google can learn many of these definitions and relationships over time if enough people search for a set of terms. This is where machine learning (RankBrain) comes into the mix. Instead of the user refining query sets, the machine makes a best guess based on the user’s perceived intent.
However, even with RankBrain, Google is not able to interpret meaning as a human would, and that is the Natural Language portion of the semantic definition.
So by definition, Google is NOT a semantic search engine. Then what is it?

The Move From “Strings” to “Things”

[W]e’ve been working on an intelligent model — in geek-speak, a “graph” — that understands real-world entities and their relationships to one another: things, not strings.

Google Official Blog
As mentioned, Google is now very good at surfacing specific data. Need a weather report? Traffic conditions? Restaurant review? Google can provide this information without the need for you to even visit a website, displaying it right on the top of the search results page. Such placements are often based on the Knowledge Graph and are a result of Google’s move from “strings” to “things.”
The move from “strings” to “things” has been great for data-based searches, especially when it places those bits of data in the Knowledge Graph. These bits of data are the ones that typically answer the who, what, where, when, why, and how questions of Google’s self-defined “Micro-Moments.” Google can give users information they may not have even known they wanted at the moment they want it.
However, this push towards entities is not without a downside. While Google has excelled at surfacing straightforward, data-based information, what it hasn’t been doing as well anymore is returning highly relevant answers for complex query sets.
Here, I use “complex queries” to refer simply to queries that do not easily map to an entity, a piece of known data and/or a data attribute — thereby making such queries difficult for Google to “understand.”
As a result, when you search for a set of complex terms, there is a good chance you will get only a few relevant results and not necessarily highly relevant ones. The result is much more a kitchen sink of possibilities than a set of direct answers, but why?

How To Fix Your Website When It Gets Hacked?

It's not uncommon for sites - even large ones with lots of protection - to get hacked. Security is a major problem these days. And if your site gets hacked, it can get damaged in a number of ways. You could lose all your data, or lose its ranking due to malicious activity. So while you can take periodic backups, you cannot prevent someone from hacking into your site. The best and most practical thing to do in such an event is to recover your site as fast as possible so that the effect of the attack is neutralized/minimized.

Here are some tips shared by Google for getting your website back on track after it has been hacked.
Clean up malicious scripts

Hackers can target your site for any number of motives. From taking down your website and deleting its content to simply adding backlinks discreetly, there's a lot that can be done. If you notice suspicious content appearing on your website, delete those unnecessary pages immediately. However, don't just stop there.

Hackers will often insert malicious scripts into your HTML and PHP files. These could automatically be creating rogue backlinks or even new pages. Make sure you check your website's source code and see for any malicious PHP or JavaScript code that could be creating such content.
Maintain your CMS

Websites often get hacked due to vulnerabilities in a CMS that get patched with updates. If you're running an older version, your site is more susceptible to attack. Make sure you keep your CMS updated, and use a strong password for login. If possible, enable two-step verification to secure the login process.
www vs. non-www

www and non-www URLs are not the same. http://www.example.com is not the same as http://example.com - the former refers to a sub-domain 'www', whereas the latter is the root of your site. When checking for malicious content, verify the non-www version of your site as hackers often try to hide content in folders that may be overlooked by the webmaster
Other useful security tips

Avoid using FTP when transferring files to your servers. FTP does not encrypt any traffic, including passwords. Instead, use SFTP, which will encrypt everything, including your password, as a protection against eavesdroppers examining network traffic.
Check the permissions on sensitive files like .htaccess. Your hosting provider may be able to assist you if you need help. The .htaccess file can be used to improve and protect your site, but it can also be used for malicious hacks if they are able to gain access to it.
Be vigilant and look for new and unfamiliar users in your administrative panel and any other place where there may be users that can modify your site.
Got any questions? Feel free to leave a new thread in our discussion forum. You can read the post from Google along with a couple case studies here. Good luck (:

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Exam Date Of Talati Cum Mantri And Other Recruitment 2016-2017



Exam Date Of Talati Cum Mantri And Other Recruitment

Exam date of this recruitment of GPSSB panchayat.gujarat.gov.in is available now.
This talati mantri exam date, MPHW Exam date,Junior Clerk Exam date and gram sevak exam date is published by official gujarat panchayat vibhag.
Candidates Can Also See the notification about exam date at official ojas gujarat website.


Monday, 26 December 2016

Chinese carrier enters South China Sea amid renewed tension

A group of Chinese warships led by the country's sole aircraft carrier entered the top half of the South China Sea on Monday after passing south of Taiwan, the island's defence ministry said of what China has termed a routine exercise.

The move comes amid renewed tension over self-ruled Taiwan, which Beijing claims as its own, following U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's telephone call with the island's president that upset Beijing.

The ministry said the aircraft carrier the Liaoning, accompanied by five vessels, had early Monday afternoon passed southeast of the Pratas Islands, which are controlled by Taiwan, heading southwest.

The carrier group earlier in the day passed 90 nautical miles south of Taiwan's southernmost point via the Bashi Channel, between Taiwan and the Philippines.

"Staying vigilant and flexible has always been the normal method of maintaining airspace security," said ministry spokesman Chen Chung-chi, declining to say whether Taiwan fighter jets were scrambled or if submarines had been deployed.

Chen said the ministry was continuing to "monitor and grasp the situation".

Senior Taiwan opposition Nationalist lawmaker Johnny Chiang said the Liaoning exercise was China's signal to the United States that it has broken through the "first island chain", an area that includes Japan's Ryukyu Islands and Taiwan.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Shincheonji “New Heaven and New Earth” cult infiltrating churches

Hundreds of British churches, including some of the UK’s largest congregations, have been warned against possible infiltration by a group accused of being a “cult” promoting “control and deception”.
The Church of England has issued a formal alert to almost 500 parishes in London about the activities of the group known as Parachristo.

The organisation, a registered charity, runs Bible study courses at an anonymous industrial unit under a Botox clinic and a personal training company in London Docklands.
But it is understood to be linked to a controversial South Korean group known as Shinchonji (SCJ) – or the “New Heaven and New Earth” church (NHNE) – whose founder Man-Hee Lee is referred to as God’s “advocate”.

The attitudes of Western European states towards new religious movements

If we summarize the current situation, beside a few centres receiving local or regional subsidies, three Western European countries — Austria, Belgium and France — have established agencies or centres for monitoring NRMs; these institutions are the outcomes of state initiatives at the national level.
Despite the successive waves of concerns about “cults”, most European countries do not have state agencies dealing with cult-related issues. In some cases, this has not prevented targeted measures against a specific movement, as evidenced by the years of surveillance of Scientology by German security agencies.

State-sponsored institutions dealing with cults are supposed to be neutral observers — which was one of the reasons for their founding. What happens in reality is nuanced and should certainly not be over-simplified. In practice, representatives of some official or state-supported agencies are seen more often at conferences of people with shared anti-cult assumptions than at academic conferences attracting sociologists of religion and other scholars conducting fieldwork. This has not prevented some members of these agencies’ staff from gaining considerable knowledge through years of work. One should understand that from the start the very roots of such agencies made it difficult for them to be really “neutral” (whatever meaning is ascribed to this word), since they were supposed to help solve a social problem, to support people seen as victims and to deal with deviations. Social scientists studying NRMs usually work from a quite different starting point.

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SEO Service Provider

Every year, search engine optimization seems to change in some ways. Here are five helpful tips for you to keep track of how to best optimize your content in 2014:

1) Don’t slack off on your company’s social media presence

Although social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ have been around for years now, that doesn’t mean they are irrelevant. If anything, your business needs to have a strong social media strategy now more than ever to help build awareness for your brand and to drive web traffic.
Also, remember people want to share relevant, quality content that relates to your audience’s lives in some way—don’t just create things for the sake of sharing. SEO optimization for your website isn’t just about creating and sharing content—it’s about creating and sharing content that people will care about.

2) Keep your writing natural

In the past, Google may have been more likely to pick up word-for-word keywords. Now, though, with the introduction of Google’s latest search algorithm Hummingbird, natural writing is taking center stage. This ties back to your company having strong content that drives traffic. Instead of focusing on writing around a keyword, make your keywords flow more naturally—if a few words are separating a keyword phrase, that will be OK. Google now recognizes ideas more so than just words, allowing your writing to really shine.

3) Don’t forget about local search optimization

Local content and search engine indexing will not be slowing down this year. More and more, Google is localizing search results to better cater to users’ needs. Look more into Google+ Local to see just how powerful localized results can be. In fact, the more you can use localized long-tail keywords and build out your local listing profiles, the better.

4) Keep your sites responsive

In the past, web and mobile sites largely lived in separate worlds—sites looked and performed completely differently on mobile devices and desktops. Now, though, if a company wants to not only look fresh but be indexed well in search engines, it should create a responsive site that can be viewed on all of today’s modern devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. This not only creates happier users because they get a consistent, functional website, but it can also increase your search engine visibility and shares on social media.

5) Establish yourself as an expert

Whatever your business’s focus is, you’ll want to come off to your clients as an authoritative voice in your field of expertise. To do this, continue to create content for your blog, but make sure you can provide your viewers with helpful information. When you can provide practical tips for your readers, your website will be more valuable, as will your search engine optimization. Your viewers will begin to trust your voice more on important industry issues, and you can become their one-stop shop for important information.

Establishing og PPC Campaign

When organizing your PPC campaign, set goals on every timescale, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. The short-term goals should be steps involved in achieving the long-term goals. The short-term goals can then serve as benchmarks for progress toward the long-term goals. When planning campaign goals, compare similar timeframes and make sure that none contain an unreasonable number of goals for that length of time. Also make sure that all of the goals are in their proper order. Finishing half a task and then waiting for the results of a task that isn’t scheduled to start for a week is something of a waste of time.
Make Your Goals Both Challenging and Achievable
There is no point in a goal that is easy to achieve. Your goals should inspire you and your team to go the extra mile in order to achieve it. Similarly, a goal that is impossible to achieve prevents all progress. A good goal is just a step beyond your present grasp. A good goal will put you and your team a little out of your comfort zone, but not entirely out of it.
Focus on the Results, not the Tactics
Your goals need to be based on the results that they can achieve for your company. Making goals that are nothing more than a tactic for getting results is putting the cart before the horse. In other words, your goals should read like “Increase sales by 5 percent over the previous month and decrease costs by 3 percent,” instead of like “Add another 400 keywords.” Only after you have defined your goals in terms of the results that you want should you choose tactics to get you there. Use both baseline goals and stretch goals. Baseline goals focus on the minimum threshold for success, and stretch goals should set the standards for success that goes above and beyond the call of duty.
Create Benchmarks by Reviewing Past Performance
The best way to set goals for your PPC is to analyze the performance of previous campaigns. Conduct a review each month of the month before it, and set your goals on the basis of continuous monthly improvement.
While setting your campaign’s monthly goals, remember that some produce better results than others do. Look at the effects that time of day, date, month, and quarter have on performance. When doing this, avoid comparing time periods that don’t have a lot to do with each other. You cannot compare weekdays and weekends, for instance, or first quarter results to second quarter results. Set your goals to be relevant to the nature of your performance data. For instance, if November sales are high each year because of the holidays, then November should not be compared to October, but to November of the previous year.
Keep a record of special events that skew performance results. For instance, a special sale that significantly boosted conversion rates for July, a problem with the manufacturing process that caused a loss of sales, and a software problem that made your online order forms inaccessible would all be examples of special events that make figures for those months atypical. Expecting other months to have similar figures to months containing such events would be a bad idea.
Keep Track of Your Goals
Write down each of your goals as you create them. Record who is accountable for each of them. Keep track of benchmarks and progress toward each goal in the same document.
These goal documents not only help you to remember details and keep track of who is responsible for what, they also give you a ready way of seeing the big picture. They should also inspire you and your team to greater efforts.
Analyze Goal Achievements
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The precise amount to optimize or expand your PPC marketing campaign depends on the specifics of your business and industry, as well as a host of other factors, such as time of year. The only way to establish realistic goals is by knowing your company and its capacities, and experience running other PPC campaigns. Learning how to set the best goals is a matter of trial and error.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

IOT Eco-Systems

Gartner noted that as IoT devices proliferate, new ecosystems will emerge, and there will be “commercial and technical battles between these ecosystems” that “will dominate areas such as the smart home, the smart city and healthcare. Organizations creating products may have to develop variants to support multiple standards or ecosystems and be prepared to update products during their life span as the standards evolve and new standards and related APIs emerge,” according to Gartner. There will be a battle for IoT application mindshare. With billions of devices projected to be spewing out petabytes of data, application developers will have a field day launching thousands, or even millions, of new and cool apps. But, similar to the smartphone world, all of these apps will be fighting for mindshare, and only a few will rise to the top to be valued by businesses and consumers.

Event Stream Processing

According to Gartner: “Some IoT applications will generate extremely high data rates that must be analyzed in real time. Systems creating tens of thousands of events per second are common, and millions of events per second can occur in some telecom and telemetry situations. To address such requirements, distributed stream computing platforms (DSCPs) have emerged. They typically use parallel architectures to process very high-rate data streams to perform tasks such as real-time analytics and pattern identification.”

Operating Systems

There’s a wide range of systems out there that have been designed for specific purposes.

Processors and Architecture

Designing devices with an understanding of those devices’ needs will require “deep technical skills.”

Low-Power, Wide-Area Networks

Current solutions are proprietary, but standards will come to dominate. According to Gartner: “Traditional cellular networks don’t deliver a good combination of technical features and operational cost for those IoT applications that need wide-area coverage combined with relatively low bandwidth, good battery life, low hardware and operating cost, and high connection density. The long-term goal of a wide-area IoT network is to deliver data rates from hundreds of bits per second (bps) to tens of kilobits per second (Kbps) with nationwide coverage, a battery life of up to 10 years, an endpoint hardware cost of around $5, and support for hundreds of thousands of devices connected to a base station or its equivalent. The first low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) were based on proprietary technologies, but in the long term emerging standards such as Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) will likely dominate this space.”

Low-Power, Short-Range IoT Networks

Short-range networks connecting IT devices will be convoluted. There will not be a single common infrastructure connecting devices.More details see on https://horizzoninfotech.com

Device (Thing) Management

IoT things that are not ephemeral — that will be around for a while — will require management like every other device (firmware updates, software updates, etc.), and that introduces problems of scale.

Critical Thinking

  • Forget boring math lessons and dreaded drill sheets.  These fun, colorful books use engaging lessons with easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and charts to make mathematical concepts easy to understand.  They can be used as textbooks or comprehensive workbooks with your textbooks to teach the math skills and concepts that students are expected to know in each grade—and several concepts normally taught in the next grade.

  • Every lesson is followed with a variety of fun, colorful activities to ensure concept mastery.  The lessons and activities spiral slowly, allowing students to become comfortable with concepts, but also challenging them to continue building their problem-solving skills.  These books teach more than mathematical concepts; they teach mathematical reasoning, so students learn to devise different strategies to solve a wide variety of math problems.  All books are written to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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     •  Subtraction
     •  Locating
     •  Writing
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     •  Measurement
     •  Data/Probability
     •  Fractions

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     •  Algebraic Fractions

Monday, 19 December 2016

Cloud Computing in Goverment Policies.

Cloud computing is a type of Internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand. It is a model for enabling ubiquitous, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., computer networks, servers, storage, applications and services), which can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort. Cloud computing and storage solutions provide users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and process their data in third-party data centers that may be located far from the user–ranging in distance from across a city to across the world. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economy of scale, similar to a utility (like the electricity grid) over an electricity network.

Advocates claim that cloud computing allows companies to avoid up-front infrastructure costs (e.g., purchasing servers). As well, it enables organizations to focus on their core businesses instead of spending time and money on computer infrastructure. Proponents also claim that cloud computing allows enterprises to get their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance,Cloud providers typically use a "pay as you go" model. This will lead to unexpectedly high charges if administrators do not adapt to the cloud pricing model.

In 2009, the availability of high-capacity networks, low-cost computers and storage devices as well as the widespread adoption of hardware virtualization, service-oriented architecture, and autonomic and utility computing led to a growth in cloud computing. Companies can scale up as computing needs increase and then scale down again as demands decrease. In 2013, it was reported that cloud computing had become a highly demanded service or utility due to the advantages of high computing power, cheap cost of services, high performance, scalability, accessibility as well as availability. Some cloud vendors are experiencing growth rates of 50% per year,but being still in a stage of infancy, it has pitfalls that need to be addressed to make cloud computing services more reliable and user friendly.

Today large requirement in Private Goverment Institutions needs requirement of Cloud based Technology instead of Old Filing Paper Systems in Digital India Campaigns.Government of India implements Villages,District level E-Governance Project.It keeps working fast in public domain and transparent and speedy saving benifit to people.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Web Application Development

In the era of 21st century the word W is quickly emerging in the world where internet is an absolute mode of communication, and web presence is more of necessity than a luxury. Web development is a pre-conditional factor to mark your online web presence and to support it further, one needs to have an efficient web development approach in today`s world. Web Applications provide users the capability of accessing applications that can be accessed over internet or an intranet.

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Software Development

HWPL provides custom software development that fits to your needs. Our development capabilities span has multiple domains & verticals, and multiple technologies including but not limited to application development on the Microsoft, Java, LAMP, and other latest technologies. HWPL custom development services provide backbone for our client business need.

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Why HWPL ?
  • Detailed analysis of application requirement
  • Detailed Software Requirment Specification (SRS)
  • Proper Execution of Software Development Lifecycle
  • Stringent Quality Standards which ensure bug free delivery to client
  • Development of quality solutions
  • Budgeted & Timely delivery

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Friday, 16 December 2016

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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Social Media Marketing

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For any website the most crucial thing that matters is a good page ranking and the volume of visitors to the website. And for that the most essential thing that is needed is good SEO done for your website. Therefore, the best thing that can be done in this respect is to seek the aid of the best SEO Service Provider where you can get the best benefits in this respect. Therefore, when you are in need of the proper optimization and better ranking of your website to being in more volume of visitors visiting a website we are always ready to help you in this respect. With our genuine White Hat SEO techniques and our capability to provide quality work we ensure the best Optimization solution for any website.