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Monday, 23 January 2017

Hiring IT IOT Infrastructure

Here’s what you need to know:

Employees want something that’s as modern and simple to use as their smartphones. Today, they’re bringing their own software into the workplace, which means enterprise versions need to mimic simple, easy-to-use tools as much as possible.

Conversely, management has a long priority list for selecting mobile technology solutions. According to a recent study, security and reliability of the software or network are the top requirements, closely followed by ease of use and integration into existing infrastructure.
All of it adding up to a full-scale technology Tug of War, with IT stuck in the middle.

Choices bring challenges
When it comes to smartphones, keep this mind: IT Managers often consider purchasing them for employees, due to familiarity and overall value.

Those devices however, don't always have all the “bells and whistles” you need to take care of business.
System compatibility is a big issue. So is dependability.

Enterprise devices? The consensus is that they’re clunky, complicated and expensive. But they work much better than smartphones from an application and integration standpoint. Plus, they’re far more durable, resulting in better TCO and ROI.

Now you can see why IT is caught in a crossfire.

What they really need is a device that stands for everything a business wants and everything employees need.

The solution is at hand

Fortunately, Zebra’s got it all covered, with their incredible touch computer built for Retail: The TC51.
This leading-edge mobile device features Android, the world’s most popular operating system. Management gets all the benefits of purpose-built Zebra technology, software and services. Employees get design quality and ease of use that’s more often associated with their favorite consumer devices.